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The core of D-Prize is awarding startup capital to entrepreneurs who apply to our Global Competition. Congratulations to our winners!


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Deevabits Green Energy is increasing access to electricity across Kenya through the distribution of solar lamps.

The field of solar energy is expansive yet millions of people lack the ability to purchase high-quality solar products at affordable prices. Deevabits Green Energy is meeting the challenges of solar distribution in rural areas of Kenya by establishing a network of Village Solar Entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs will fan out across the country, delivering Sun King solar products to last mile households. Village Solar Entrepreneurs create their own micro-franchises which can take up to 10 lamps from Deevabits Green Energy on credit provided in partnership with local micro-finance institutions. Not only does this create new job opportunities specifically for youth and women, Deevabits Green Energy allows new entrepreneurs to overcome the burden of startup costs and deliver clean, sustainable electricity to their communities. 

Learn more about their amazing work in Kenya by visiting their website and following their journey on Facebook

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