Solar Army Project

The Solar Army Project: Tusingwire Patrick and Hamidah Naishur Nakimuli: Meridian Holdings , a start-up renewable energy service company is creating an army of foot soldiers to distribute solar products to last mile markets in Uganda. We are working with youths to mould them into a well-trained work-force (called the solar army) with skills, tools and incentivised to market and retail solar systems will be our delivery mechanism to reach our targets. Our support systems will enable our solar army platoons to go further in communities bringing light and hope to the last mile customers. The solar army will deliver 12,000 solar units in 2015 impacting 72,000 Ugandans and providing the much needed employment to the young people and inspiring more to join our ranks to create change and impact communities and the nation at large. This inclusive model is expected to scale up reaching 45,000 customers (270,000 persons) within a 2-year time-frame.