Every Child Matters Uganda

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Every Child Matters aims to address the widespread prevalence of clubfoot, a debilitating physical deformity that leaves 1.19/1000 newborns in Uganda with inverted feet, and which, if left untreated, causes significant disability. Clubfoot remains a challenge in Uganda because of a lack of information about the condition, failure to detect the deformity at birth or early infancy, and limited capacity within the health system to provide correct and affordable treatment. 

Every ChildMatters has devised a three-pronged approach to address these challenges: raising awareness about clubfoot in rural communities; training health workers to identify clubfoot and make proper referrals for treatment; and training orthopedic doctors in Ponseti’s method, an effective, affordable, non-surgical treatment of clubfoot. Founded by; Daisy Nakasi, Mathias Mulumba, Lillian Nakisozi and Emily Ausubel.